My little boy is becoming a bigger boy! I love you Waylon Boss (MRGC)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colter and Avery
Avery is quite the little artist, she loves to color and draw, and can do what some 3rd graders can do. I love watching her get so excited about her work.

Waylon and Avery really have an neat relationship, they play together, and create games together. I never had a brother or a sister, so watching them get along and resolve issues is fascinating!
Waylon is doing very well in his class, and appears to be quite social. He has a group of friends who he hangs out with and enjoys learning to read. He loves to play with games and is sooooo funny, he is so witty!

Colter and Conway are almost a year old and they are so similar and so different! Colter is really a mommy's boy and can't stand for me to leave the room these days. Conway, is a daddy's boy, he is constantly saying dada, dada, dada! He just appears happier when Justin is around. They recently started fighting over the same toy, and at first I tried to keep it fair, but now I let them figure it out and they do! There may be some crying, but for the most part one of them lets it go, and they seem to take turns, it's not just one of them that lets it go all the time! Colter really loves balls, he holds plastic size golf balls all around the house and even slept a week or so with a golf ball! The boys eat EVERY THING they are allowed to eat!


Our family at the Balloon Fiesta 2010!

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Happy Family ~Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.
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