My little boy is becoming a bigger boy! I love you Waylon Boss (MRGC)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colter and Avery
Avery is quite the little artist, she loves to color and draw, and can do what some 3rd graders can do. I love watching her get so excited about her work.

Waylon and Avery really have an neat relationship, they play together, and create games together. I never had a brother or a sister, so watching them get along and resolve issues is fascinating!
Waylon is doing very well in his class, and appears to be quite social. He has a group of friends who he hangs out with and enjoys learning to read. He loves to play with games and is sooooo funny, he is so witty!

Colter and Conway are almost a year old and they are so similar and so different! Colter is really a mommy's boy and can't stand for me to leave the room these days. Conway, is a daddy's boy, he is constantly saying dada, dada, dada! He just appears happier when Justin is around. They recently started fighting over the same toy, and at first I tried to keep it fair, but now I let them figure it out and they do! There may be some crying, but for the most part one of them lets it go, and they seem to take turns, it's not just one of them that lets it go all the time! Colter really loves balls, he holds plastic size golf balls all around the house and even slept a week or so with a golf ball! The boys eat EVERY THING they are allowed to eat!


Our family at the Balloon Fiesta 2010!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Waylon and His Brothers

The boys hanging out in the Nap Nannies!
Waylon and Colter on the floor in the kitchen!

Waylon and Conway.

Conway, Waylon and Colter ~ Waylon is playing with them ~ they would grab him and pull him, like he's their toy. He makes them laugh and it's really cute!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avery Bella ~ ALMOST 3 (3 more months)

These two love like I have never seen, it's so cute and I am thankful! She is such a girl!
Look how cute she is!


7 months 2 weeks ~ They are eating LOTS of food, sleeping through the night, and are on 2-3 naps a day. They are a bit fussy ~ teething I'm sure, and are such good boys! We are very blessed! 6 months

Waylon's 5th Birday Party!

We had Waylon's 5th Birthday at home w/a BIG slide pool, several of his friends and all of his family. He had an amazing cake that Nana made (Yoda). Avery is crying because Conway pulled her hair, Waylon is concerned, he doesn't like when his sister is upset.
Waylon, your mommy and daddy love you and are so proud of the boy you are going up to be. You are caring, thoughtful, you make your bed w/out being told, and you come up with the funniest movie quotes!

Grandpa and Waylon eating cake!

What a neat cake!

Waylon and Bri
Waylon's cousins
Waylon's friends and cousins
It was a great day w/out any rain, and lots of friends, family and good food.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Avery is becoming quite the artist, this is her version of a cat on the right!
Colter, Avery, Conway, Waylon (June 2010)

I just don't seem to have enough of it these days, I know how important it is to keep up with the blog, I want my kids to be able to look back and read about the cool things they did. For example Waylon had a dream about Matthew (his cousin), it was his FIRST dream that he woke up and said "mommy I had a really weird dream", I asked him what it was and he said that he was at the reunion with Matthew and Matthew took the trash underneath the house we stay at because it was so stinky! I asked him if that was it and, yes, that was it!

Avery is talking more and more each day and when Justin had to work the other night, I laid in bed w/her and she told me some stories and I just let her talk, my mom had Waylon at her house. I am looking forward to having more time w/her alone once Waylon starts kinder in fall.

Colter is the best boy, he hardly ever complains, and he went through teething w/such easy! He is a mommy's boy.

Conway, he has the cutest mad cry I have ever heard come from a baby! He likes to be held and he is totally daddy's boy!

Our family is sleeping through the night, the twins recently went to two naps, instead of 3, which is really nice for me, those short 3 naps a day made it really hard to get ANY thing done!
Justin has been working A TON, and plans to reconnect w/his family after July is over!
I am so excited about fall, this will be the first fall I won't be pregnant, or sad from losing a baby! This year, it's about enjoying all the blessings that I am so thankful for! God has really taken care of us!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Our family on Easter 2010!Grandma Helen (my mom's mom)
The Girls!
The Boys!
Avery Bell and Grandma Helen
I went to a funeral for a friend on Saturday, and it had left a hole in my heart for her kids. It makes me think blogging is even more important because should you be gone one day, it's here for them to read, your thoughts, some feelings, and milestones you wouldn't be able to tell them about yourself. Heck with my memory I might not be able to remember w/out blogging anyway!
Colter rolled over for the first time last week, he's only done it once, but he still did it, we were so proud of him! The boys don't like to do tummy time much, but I don't think babies really do! Avery is still amazing, she is so emotional right now, she cries and cries for no reason lately, I sure hope that stops soon, it's driving me crazy! Waylon is still funny and is getting old enough where he is REALLY testing his limits. He thinks he can talk back and be disrespectful, so he tries and waits for one of us to say some thing, I think he'll learn quickly that it's not ok and things will fall into place again. I believe it's just another stage!
Justin and I TRY and get a date night in at least once a month now, if that, the new dynamic has challenged our relationship lately, but I'm sure we'll get back on track as soon as we get the twins out of our room. I think that is one step to moving forward. Conway and Colter "Fisher" are sleeping from 9:00 to 4:30 right now, and go back to sleep from 5:00 to 7:30 ish..... So we are getting plenty of sleep with some bad nights in-between! We are well aware that things only get better from here! I can't wait to start solids with the boys, that will be fun!
I love my family so much ~ we put the highchairs on the seats at the table and we are complete, and it feels good! Our family is complete!

Easter this year was spent with the Sanchez family (Bea came and stayed with us), and with my mom at her house (my Grandma Helen came down and stayed with her).

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Father's Day, U Rock!


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